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PARFAIT Spring Summer 2022 Collection

Parfait’s newest collection is designed to celebrate women inside and out. The trend of innerwear as outerwear continues stronger than ever as women confidently showcase their curves in amazing lingerie meant to be seen. To capture this exciting new trend, we have taken our beautiful full busted model, Sophia, and gorgeous full figure model, Morgan, to the beach! Our spirited, new campaign reinforces the fact that perfect fitting Parfait lingerie helps support women of all shapes and sizes through all aspects of their lives. Our lingerie is always there for all women whether they are out and about loving life by having fun at the beach with friends, or feeling cozy, sexy or romantic in the comfort of their own home.

At Parfait, we are dedicated to redefining perfection by creating beautiful lingerie that showcases all women’s perfect curves. The Parfait brand commitment is to always help women feel totally supported on the inside. We also want to Inspire all women to embrace their curves and let their inner spirit shine on the outside too!

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